Hans Gneesunt-Boompsadazi

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A final thrust and parry...

Princess or Hans or even Gneesunt Boompsadazi or even if you are Friar Tuck or you can as well call yourself Olympia, l do not exactely understand your last email to me since past days but today my Pastor in the church has explained everything very clear to me.

Thank you very much, l wish you best of luck if you can meet this kind of oppoturnity in your life again.

I thought l have meet with my father to be but l thank God almighty that removed you out of my life, l thank God almighty that my money never entered into an account of an armed rober who goes to rob in the bank with his family for a token money of US$1,100 that will lead them to hell fire. I have deleted all your emails from my email box today,

You are hearing again from the anoited child of God, Peter Kone Momoh.Jnr.

Thanks Peter,

I appreciate the compliment.

It was the last cherry on a deliciously sweet cake.

Chocolate cake, of course.

In honour of your late father's cocoa fortune.