Hans Gneesunt-Boompsadazi

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Enter Hans Gneesunt-Boompsadazi, a German-Hungarian Gypsy.

Mein Dear Peter Kone Jr,

I am with your plight much taken.

I am surprised nicht that you prayed over my name and saw the way forward in it engraved. Mein Grossmutter was a gypsy from Budapest coming. I am with much luck blessed.

Is it possible that I may in some way you assist to remedy this situation?

Please send me your advice,

Hans Gneesunt-Boompsadazi.

The reply came:

From: Kone Momoh Jr.
Attn: Hans Gneesunt-Boompsadazi.


I received your mail in good order and express my gladness at your readiness to assist me at this time of my deep depression. As I informed you in my first letter, this transaction will be treated with strict confidence by both of us to avoid any form of leakage as my life is still in great danger owing to this money in my care. (I, too, wish to avoid any form of leakage.) I will also want it completed within 7 official working days as this is a certain possibility with our full commitment to the project.

Owing to my lack of experience in international and such huge monetary matters, I have engaged the services of a well known confidential attorney whom I knew before my fathers death to assist us in getting the money transferred to your account. He will assist us to get all the legal documents to enable the ownership of the money be in your name and have the money transferred with out any form of hitch or suspicion. The money as I informed you is currently in a domiciliary account with the Bank of Africa Abidjan Cote DâIvoire (BOA).

It will be advisable that you contact him directly to enable him detail you on all the requirements for the transfer. In the meantime, he is preparing a transaction agreement between me and you to protect our interests in the transfer and to also spell out our roles. As soon as I receive your response to this mail he will send you the agreement to sign and return to me.

The contact of the attorney reads:

Name: Dr Williams Etobe.
Chamber: Daniel & Williams Chambers Co. Abidjan.
Tel; 225 05 99 03 58

The attorney has requested that you forward the following information and items to me with urgency to enable us start in earnest.

1/ Your private telephone number, fax and address.
2/ Your full account details / particulars where the money will be paid into. This will include with bank name, address, telephone and fax numbers.

As soon as I receive the above today he will send you a legalised agreement bond between us which will spell out our gratuities and duties and legally protect us on our money. You will endorse it and send then back to me.

Kindly note that this transaction demands that we maintain the highest level of trust and confidentiality to enable us ensure my safety as the people that assassinated my father are still dangerously looking for me to do away with me.

Remember that I shall come over to your country as soon as the money leaves here to continue with my education.

I await your urgent response to the above subject.

Thank you and best regards.

Kone Momoh Jr.

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