Hans Gneesunt-Boompsadazi

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Olympia finds a way to make some money...

Gut evening mein son,

Please about mein husband your father do not be thinking badly. He vas me trying to rescue as best he could. He ist in mein eyes ein hero.

You vere me asking about where his corps is. Vell, I do not know how to you getellen the honest truth. You vill think it is most odd being but you must remember Hans vas ein showman of the stage and you will then less strange gefind it.

Hans hast been gestufft. He vill in ein glass case be displayed.

"The Amazing Maurice" may for ein schilling be viewed.

It ist exactlich as he vould haf been vanting. I can no more do.

Do not oft this world be afraid dear Peter. While there are peoples like mein dear Hans existing, people who vill do vhat is right regardless oft the consequences, then the world is in gut hands resting. Nicht wahr?

Be brave dear peter,


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