Hans Gneesunt-Boompsadazi

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Peter Kone continues to be upset.

Good morning my dear Mother,

I wrote to you yesterday and l have not heard back from you . Please l want to hear from you because l am worried since yesterday because of the choking news you broke to me yesterday. I am praying that Papa Hans will not die, God will bring him back to life because l will be very happy to meet both of you alive on my arrival to finally reside with you.

Please mummy, get back to me today, meanwhile l am going straight to our lawyer's office to have information on how we are going to proceed with this transaction once and for all because with the news that l heard from you yesterday over the inccident that cause police shooting my beloved father, Hans, in fact l am begining to be afraid of this world.

I am waiting for your ugent response,

Best of my regards to you Mummy and l am praying that God will be protecting your going out and coming inn, nothing evil will meet you till the day we shall meet face to face,

Peter Kone.Jnr

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