Hans Gneesunt-Boompsadazi

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Peter Kone seems upset. I must confess there are times when I am not sure whether the Nigerians are teasing me ar whether they are really so dim. My money is on dim.

My dear mother,

In fact l am very much confuse, tired and very sad to hear about this kind of news that you are breaking to me. What have l done in this life to be passing through all these??. I am thinking in my mind that l have gotting another careing and loving father as like my late father, but now look at the kind of news that l am hearing.

Why did the police shoot my father to death??. What has he done to them??.

Please Mummy, let me know exactely what happened to Daddy because my eyes are filled up with tears.

My question is this, what have l done to devil to make me loose my beloved father Chief Kone and this time again that l am having joy that God has given me a new father who love me as his own son, who can do all things for my sake and now the same devil has come to steal away my beloved Daddy Hans with out me seeing him face to face with my eyes.

Oh God what have l done to recieve all these??????.

where is his corps???.

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