Hans Gneesunt-Boompsadazi

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Peter gets a bit more anxious!

Dear father,
I received your email with lots of tears and disappointment as it reads that you and your wife went to rob money from the bank. No Daddy, this is not good moves at all. I suggested for you before to find someone that can borrow this little money to us instead we pay the person back with interest immediately this fund is cleared into your bank account, and you said that it is wrong idea. Now borrowing, is it not better than robing bank?. In fact my family is a very respected family with no dent or history of steeling in our family, so l am advising you not to take this kind of step next time, l can understand that you are doing all these things to assist me but please this method is very bad. Please daddy, do not engage your family in such an act again, please l beg you with the name of God. Meanwhile, l am very grateful with all the efforts that you and mummy Olympia has putting so far but you ought to be very careful this time, solution comes from God alone in all things.

I am praying for you and your family since l got in contact with your family.

My best wishes to you and mummy and my prayers is that God will provide for you in a very decent way than robing bank which is very dangerous.

I will like to know the situation of mummy at the police and how the problem is been solve, l hope the police did not beat mummy.

Peter Kone.Jnr.

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