Hans Gneesunt-Boompsadazi

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Peter gets a bit anxious. (I've had other things to do...)

Greatings to my perents,

How are you today?, hope all is well with you people over there, thanks be to God for that. How is my mother Olympia?, l know she is getting alright by today, as for myself, l am O.K only that l want to meet you people over there very soon. Let me know the possition of things please,

Best of my regards to you all while l am waiting to hear from you today,

Peter Kone.Jnr

A bungled bank robbery.

Mein Dear Peter Kone,

How ist it that you are going?

Thank you for the explanation to me you are giving about fathers and brothers. You vill have much fun your family tree drawink.

Ve have about your predicament been thinking daily. Ve our brains have racking to find a vay to assist you.

Ve thought ve had the answer.

There ist a bank not far from our home. Ve vould der bank gerobben for you the monies to get. Last night Olympia, your mother, (or sister? Ich know nicht) into our stage cannon climbed. She with her had saws and tools of the burglar. The cannon vas at the bank roof gepointed. As ve do mit the show I lit the fuse unt vaited.

Notink. Notink happened. For ages notink happened.

Unt then sometink happened.

Mit ein eargeslitten loudenboomen der cannon propelled your mother Olympia tovards the bank. Like ein large hairy cannon ball she tovards the bank sailed. Over der bank. Past der bank. Unt onto the roof of...

....the Police station.

It vould appear that the bandages that her head gewrapped had ein gut seal produced in der cannon making it a most effective launch. Eine kleine too effective. She like ein ballistic dumplink landed on and sadly passed through the tiles on the roof of the constabulary raising much noise and much dust and much alarm. Der tools oft der burglar about her clattered.

Und there she stays. Vaiting for me to the bail monies raise.

But I am not defeated.

Be trusting in me, I vill find an answer.

Your brotherly father,

Hans G-B.

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