Hans Gneesunt-Boompsadazi

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Peter explains a few things:

My dear brother Hans,

Greetings to you and Sister Olympia.

Please understand that you are as father to me not that you are my biological father but for the fact that my biological father and mother are dead, it is left for me to choose whom l will put all my trust, confidence and love unto as my father and mother. I have choosen you to be a father to me and your wife as my mother, they is no flattering, do not be confuse at all. My promise to you is that for the fact you show me love on my arrival to leave with you and take me and love me as a father will do to his son, l will never dissapoint you in my life time. (What? Never?) Do not to be confuse, you are my father.

Extend my sincerely greetings to my Mother Olympia, l wish her quick recovery.

My concern is that l want this transfer to be done as fast as possible so that l will leave from this place and come to meet you over there that is why l surggested if you will borrow from someone so that we will pay the person back with interest. Please excuse me for suggesting that as l know that it anoids you. Why l am worried is that l am afraid of so many people here concerning this money that my late father left for me.

(1) I am not safe in the hand of my step mother becuase she will like to kill me and inherit this money for her own children.

(2) I am not safe in the hands of my late father's business partners because they are the ones that poisoned my father to death, it is very dengerous for me if they know my way about.

(3) I want this fund to be transfered out of this country very fast for my safety and the safety of the fund, so that l will start a new life and proceed with my studies.

My prayers is for God to provide this completion of this Attorney's consultaion fee for you, for you to send it to them so that we will proceed ahead and finish everything very fast. (I bet you do, Pierre, me ol' son.)

My regards to you and my mother Olympia while l await to hear from you soon.

Yours son,

Peter Kone.Jr

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