Hans Gneesunt-Boompsadazi

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Hans feels that the lawyer is being unreasonable and recounts an unfortunate accident to Olympia.

Mein Dear Peter Kone,

How ist our son today? Gut, ve are hoping.

I must be telling you that sadly an accident to your mother has been happening. Vhen I, The Amazing Maurice, vas at her knifes getossen, one of der knives her ear geslicen oft. She now Olympia van Gogh, Greek Goddess und Painter. She ist that her sunglasses fallen oft most unhappy.

I haf from the lawyer ein letter received. He is most unreasonable being and vill not without the consulting fee be proceeding.

Ve are sehr humble peoples, gut and kind vorking peoples, Olympia your mother und me, Hans, your father. Ve are the silt of the earth; nobbly and proud oft our heritage ast Gypsies. But ve are nicht der millionaires mit suits, Saabs und cigars!

It vill take us some time to the money ensemble.

Naturalich ve do nicht vish to our son disappoint aber ve are with comfort vell endowed but ve haf a shortage of excessments. Especially monies.

I think that there vas ein time limit on der transaction. Vill it cause problems if ve take ein few days to ensemble the monies?

Ein alternative ist from the question posed: do you a lawyer need? Vhy ist der lawyer necessary?

About it think deeply, liebe Peter. There is perhaps ein alternative?

Guten abend, dear son,


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