Hans Gneesunt-Boompsadazi

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Peter Kone defends his lawyer.

Dear Sir,

Your email is well noticed, thank you very much for your mail.

Infact, l am very much happy for all your love, caring and encouragements to me, from now onwards l will begin to call you ''brother Hans'' because from this your last mail, l found so much love and good will in you over my life and everything that concerns me. Tell your wife, Sister Olympia that l will be the happiest person to leave with you people over there as one family. (!)

Concerning the letter of invitation, go ahead and arrange it in a way that the embassy here will honour it and issue me a visa, so that as soon as the fund is finally transfered to your account, you will send me a flight ticket (I will do WHAT?)and l will fly down immediatly to Australia to meet you and Sister Olympia.

I have contacted with the Attorney today and he is asking for his consultation fees of $1,800 Usd before his chamber will start with this transaction, then l took the $750 Usd that is left with me to his office and he denied it telling me that his consultation fees must be paid in full before he start his duties. So l please beg you to complete this remaining lawyer's fees so that he will carry on with his duties. He promised me that if the fee will be paid to his chamber this week and he puts apeal in the court this same week, that unfailingly before the rounding up of next week that Court will aprove every legal documentation to back up the transfer to enable the bank done the transfer by next week.

I know very clear that this lawyer's fees does not concern you, (You bet your little cocoa stained booties...)but l am begging you to help me out because l do not have anybody to meet for the fact that my life is in danger over this fund, l am in hide out in a ressidencial hotel to make sure that my step mother and all her entourage did not see me for the safty of my life and this fund.

I have confidence in this Lawyer, Dr Williams Etobe, he is an old man of about 60 years and a very prominent lawyer here in this country Cote d'lvoire and l am believing that he will carry out his duties with out any delays and he has promised today.

I thank you very much and praying that almighty father will be guiding and protecting you.

Best of my regards,

Peter Kone.Jr

Hans promises to think about it.

Mein Dear Peter Kone,

You are to the lawyer most loyal. Is this a thing of wisdom?

I haf your request read and I vill see vhat I canst do.

Guten abend.

Hans G-B.

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