Hans Gneesunt-Boompsadazi

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Peter Kone looks forward to meeting Hans face to face.

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your email, l am happy that you have contacted the athorney.Please let me know immediately as soon as the Athorney communicate back to you so that we will start very quickly to have the transfered be done fastly for me to leave this place and meet you because l am tired of staying here alone, moreover l am afraid of those that posioned my father and the fear of my step mother of which because of this fund they are after me to kill me in order to inherite my father's wealth.

I am thanking you once more and promising you that l will never disapoint you in my life because l have taking you as my father and guidan believing that you have taking me the same as well.

I will be very happy to meet you soon face to face in your country to leave with you and your family and to continue with my studies too. Just from now on once, count me as one of the member of your family.

Go ahead and get an invitation letter ready for me to get my visa to your country at Australian embasy here in Cote d'lvoire as soon as the transfer of the fund is finished by next week. This is very important, it is an advise l got from a travelling agent that l met last Friday.

I will love you call me today so that l will hear your voice. Call me on tel number : +225 07 04 97 61

May Almighty be with you and your wife.

Best of my regards,

Peter Kone.Jr

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