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This grew out of an email forwarded to me by John Bamford. I was getting sick of petroleum based products and the prospect of a cocoa fortune was appealing.

Finished. Last addition: September 8th., 2002.
  1. My father was a very wealthy cocoa merchant in Abidjan.
  2. Mein Grossmutter was a gypsy from Budapest coming.
  3. The Amazing Maurice.
  4. I do not completely understands your write-ups.
  5. Please, allow me to know more about your person.
  6. Ein human cannonball, perhaps.
  7. The money in question exists.
  8. I am ein man oft der vorld.
  9. I will be very happy to meet you soon face to face.
  10. Cocoa, the Clown.
  11. I have confidence in this lawyer.
  12. We are not hungry lawyers.
  13. I am only a humble gypsy being.
  14. This is most sensible being a thought.
  15. We should not be left empty handed please.
  16. Ve are the silt of the earth.
  17. Good morning Brother Hans.
  18. Ve have our prides.
  19. Please excuse me for suggesting that as l know that it anoids you.
  20. Unt then sometink happened.
  21. No Daddy, this is not good moves at all.
  22. I am to glory goink!
  23. He hast to the great stage gone.
  24. Oh God what have l done to recieve all these?
  25. l am begining to be afraid of this world.
  26. He vill in ein glass case be displayed.
  27. May the soul of Pa Hans rest in perfect peace.
  28. Reread that sentence, it's important.
  29. It was the last cherry on a deliciously sweet cake.