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Hu Flung Dung tries to gently angle away from telephone calls.

Most Kind Sir,

Today I received your email. You are most forthcoming with information. I most interested in making the deal with you.

With regard to details you requested:

Full name: Hu Flung Dung.
My company is named: The Han Khat Restaurant.
In this country we do not have social security number but tax file number is 344 509 113
Regarding other distinguishing marks, I have scar on my neck from where my (former) wife, may she rest in heavenly peace, stabbed me with chop stick.

Confucius say: Woman with chopstick not wise to attack man with meat cleaver.

Other marks: I have been circumcised.

My telephone number is xxxx. But I am miserably to admit that my English not good. Do you speaking in Mandarin?

I can write with English most passably but I am without confidence in the using of the voice.

Is this problem?

Most humbly,

Hu Flung Dung.

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