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Hu Flung Dung is reaching the end of his 'USE-BY' but I could not think of what to do about it so I just left him for a week. The lads did not chase him, presumably they have other fish balls to fry.

A slight career change (sent to all three arms of the group):

Most honourable Gentlemen,

Please be forgiving long delay in replying. I, Hu Flung Dung, am star!!

I write song that everyone sings called "Wonton Amera" and am being on all radio stations. I make more money from song than from $4 special fry rice. I change my name to stage name of Tak No Shit and I am having amazing time. On Monday, new song, "I am a wok" being released.

Please, I know you tell me but my life much in turmoil at present. Please be retelling me what I must be doing for helping you. I am with too many bosses and too many emails. Please give me summary.

Tonight my wife say she wants to try number 69. I no like broccoli so will try change her mind to number 47, lemon chicken.

Confucious say: Two wrongs don't make right but three rights make left.

Yours most graciously,

Hu Flung Dung.

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