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The Senator feels he might have known the lady at the Cyber Cafe...:

Good evening Sir,

I am in receipt of your mail, and am both impressed and amazed that you send two letters at once! This is admirable efficiency.

I must offer you my sincerest condolences; you have (by your own accounts at least) had a most harrowing time of it all. May the Godess Tufftittis bring suitable comfort and consolation to you and your family.

I must say that I am not sure if I remember the lady at the Cyber Cafe or not. But I was on a Senatorial fact finding mission to Benin of some eight years ago... The woman - did she have dark hair? Was her name Danny, or Denny or something like that? Does she have any children, say about seven years old?

Nevermind. Yes, I do think that I can help you.

My answers to your questions are:

> 1. your name?
Gluteus Maximus.
> 2. can you keep secret?
I am not going to tell you.
> 3. your work/occupation?
Member of the Senate.
> 4. which country are you now?
> 5. can you manage my own share of the
> fund if kept under your care in your Bank?
I am used to handling vast sums of money, often in fulva charta saccus. (Brown paper bags)
> 6. how old are you?
> 7. can you come to BENIN(west Africa) to open a
> non-residential bank account where this money
> will be LODGED first before transferring to other
> countries of your choice?
Naturally. But could one of my accounts in Switzerland be used instead?
> 8. Kindly confirm your telephone number with country
> code and city code.
+613 9833 4883

Yours imperially,

Gluteus Maximus.

Nunquam donare ineptus fortuna aequus.

(Never give a sucker an even break.)

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