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Mr Nosa fools the diplomatic courier.

And a typical Nigerian style certificate is sent.

My Good Friend,

I had discussed with a DIPLOMATIC COURIER COMPANY under the diplomatic organization (ORGANIZATION INTERNATIONALE DE LA FRANCOPHONIE) so that the two boxes containing the money(US$45 Million) will have DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY and will be delivered direct to your country as a DIPLOMATIC CARGO. This will prevent the Customs from searching the boxes at arrival or departure of any international airports. The Diplomatic Courier Company will deliver the Two boxes direct to your house without being noticed or searched by any person or government agents. They said that it will take between 2 to 3 days to deliver cargo to your country.

The Diplomatic Courier Company will not know what is inside the boxes. I only told them that i want to ship "CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS" belonging to the ministry. I also told them that the owner of cargo works at the embassy and that i would like the boxes to be delivered to him as a "DIPLOMATIC CARGO".

I want us to finish the business quickly because i am running out of cash. And I cannot collect money from the boxes. If i should want to collect some money from the boxes, it will be a risk to both my life and the money because the Trust company will find out the true content of the boxes. They will seize the boxes from me if they know. I tried it before and they did not give me the privacy to open the box.

I am arranging everything very well so that there will not be any risk. Meanwhile a lawyer is arranging all the documents necessary to make you the beneficiary to the fund. The shipment of the boxes will likely be in five days time. My cousin will be coming immediately the shipment is done to bring you the keys to the boxes.


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