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Mmmm...all quiet. Too silly, too soon?
Senator Maximus sends off another remail:

Greetings Mr Osande,

Blessings of the goddess Mulledwine upon your cerebellum.

I am puzzled by your rapid acknowledgement of my email and your belief that I would be getting my money in five (V) days and yet you have let one of these days slip by with no further contact.

Tempus fugit similis sagitta, fructus musca amare ariena.*

This is the same reprehensible behaviour of those low life scum in the Ministry of Finance that made my life a misery last year.

I was taking you at your word that you were better than them.

Please advise me of the current state of play in this contract.

Yours imperially,

Gluteus Maximus.

*Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana.

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