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To his delight he gets the following reply. It seems to lack the spontaneous native charm of the original email, though.

Attn: Gluteus Maximus.


How are you today? Thanks for your quick response to my fax proposal.

I am not sure of the confidentiality of your fax number, to this end I will adviced you to reconfirm your fax and telephone number (Reconfirm? I never gave them to you...) because I need to be communicating with you on both your fax, phone and even your mobile line.

I quite understander the stress you must have through in the hands all the fraud Government officials who claim to be assisting but to defraud. As I have said in my proposal to you that you need to be wise this year or to be defraud again. I know the right people to meet and your funds will be transferred to your bank account within five (5) days.

Go ahead and reconfirm your confidential fax and telephone numbers because I need to send some documents to you.


Osande Morris.

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