Friar Tuck

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A bit up market, the Reverend uses FedEx:

Dear Friar Tuck,

Your mails received respectively.

The remittance form has been sent to your address today for your endorsement.

Note the FedEx (Federal Express Courier Service) tracking No: 8310 4602 1078. Endeavor to send me a mail immediately on receipt of the document. It is the first & last step towards the transfer of your contract fund.

Hopefully, the document will arrive to you latest by Monday. Fill the telegraphic transfer form and fax the form back to me immediately to fax number: 873-762692461. Please note that the fax number is a satellite fax, and you do not need to include 234 when sending the fax.

All you need do is dial your international access code then follow it up by 873-762692461 for easy access. This is for security reason, as Mr. President himself is monitoring the number. (Wow!)

Best regards and be guided.

Rev. Rufus Adams

A gentle lob back over the net:

Good Brother Adams,

I will be watching out for the documents.

Your humble servant,

Friar Augustus Tuck.

I watch, and am as a sparrow alone upon the house top.

-Psalms 102:7

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