Friar Tuck

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Things go a bit quiet so I rattle the cage:

Dear Reverend Adams,

I have been waiting for your reply.

The Hooded Council is due to meet tomorrow and I desperately need to have information for them.

When is the transaction likely to proceed? It appears Friar Spittle has committed a large portion of our harvest reserve to facilitating the progress of this transaction and there is little to show for it.

We need the transaction to be completed to enable us to use the money to finance the monastery's forthcoming program

I remain, your humble and obedient servant,

Friar Tuck.

Do ye indeed speak righteousness, O congregation? Do ye judge uprightly, O ye sons of men?

- Psalms 58:1

Oh...? I am to bear all costs?

Attn: Friar Augustus,

Your mail received.
Have it in your mind that the cost associated with the remittance of your contact fund must be borne by you, the hooded council or by the monastery as whole. i.e Bank transfer charges fees in order to avoid delay in effecting remittance to your designated bank.

Best regards & be guided.
Rev. Rufus Adams.

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