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A 'to the point' reply:

Dear Friar Truck,

Please send your contact Tel & Fax numbers also send any detail information you might have on about the contract payment. A.S.AP.

Rev. Rufus Adams.

In response for the phone number I pointed out we were a silent order. From the point of view of the contract details: well, if the President knew them...

Dear Reverend Adams,

Thank you for your letter.

The Order of Nasturtium Monks is a silent order and we do not speak apart from an hour set aside for this purpose every year on the first of April.

Consequently we do not use telephones. However this restriction does not apply to the written word. Happily the days of illuminated script on vellum are long gone and in a concession to the technological age we are permitted to use faxes and email.

Our fax number is +613 9326 5378. It is, of course, a 24hr fax.

With regard to the details of the transaction, I was rather hoping that you may know them. As the President himself interested himself in our remuneration and there cannot be too many pipelines laid in Nigeria I felt that you would be able to identify our claim. Would it help if I wrote directly to his Excellency? He said that you would look after the settlement of our claim.

Sadly, the most untimely death of Friar Spittle has left us a little uninformed. He was in sole charge of the transaction. I understand that he had recently made a payment from our funds allocated for renewing reserves of sack cloth and ashes to someone in Lagos (Mr Okafor? That name sounds familiar). The payment was for some sort of tax bill.

Please advise me as to whether this is sufficient information. If it is not I will try to find out some more.

God bless you,

I remain, your humble servant,

Friar Tuck.

And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.

- Psalm 1:3

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