Friar Tuck

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Two weeks later, when all was given up as lost, the following comes:

Dear Friar Augustus

In line with the Presidential directive in assuring that all overdue contracts payment is taken care of as promised by His Excellency, A certified check in the amount of USD12.2M has been forwarded to my desk as a partial payment of your contract. The balance is to be paid by the end of November 2002.

Kindly accept this offer Kindly accept this little offer and be patience as we are having lot of contractors in queue for settlement.

Be it noted that you are to forward immediately your mailing address to my office, this is to enable the check be sent by courier to you.

You will endeavor to pay the sum of USD$785.00 for courier to have the check delivered to you.



Alhaji Tofa Adamu
Foreign Exchange Dept.
Central Bank Of Nigeria.

Friar Tuck replies but seems to be having some problem with his 's's and 'f's.

My Dear Fir,

Thif if excellent newf.

Pleafe advife me of the next ftep.

Your most humble and obedient fervant,

Friar Auguftuf Tuck.

(Pleafe forgive my computer, the valvef are playing up.)

Hide not thy face far from me; put not thy fervant away in anger: thou haft been my help; leave me not, neither forfake me, O God of my falvation.

- Psalms 27:9

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