Friar Tuck

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A confirmation of the fax number and some banking details.

(Duly passed on to the Bank of America and the US Secret Service).

Dear Friar Tuck,

Your most recent mail received, and its content well noted.

Since you are unable to reach the fax number, at least you could have informed me immediately. Then we can find alternative solution without delay.

Please this is how to dial to reach the number. Dial your country‚s international access code followed by 873-762922971. Or alternatively, you can fax it to 234-1-759-1652.

The cost of transfer (COT) amounting to the sum of US$35,500.00 only should be paid to the below stated account receivable:

Bank of America
Swift Code: BOFA US 3 N
Fur. Cr. To Swift Code: CAGLL ESMM
A/C No: 20910628643940000063

The payment slip should be scanned and send through e-mail attachment together with the form in case there is any difficulties in sending to the above numbers.

Waiting for your "urgent" action.

Best regards and Be guided,

Rev. Rufus Adams

Robin of Loxley explains that the Friar is occupied today.

Dear Reverend Adams,

I have been asked by Friar Tuck to send you a quick message of apology.

Friar Tuck has been brought into a most unfortunate hostage drama as a negotiator and conciliator. He is that sort of a man.

I have attached a copy of an article from this morning's paper for your information.

Friar Tuck asked to to express his regret at not faxing the information to you today but is most hopeful of doing it tomorrow once the current crisis is over. Again I can only apologise on his behalf.

Most sincerely,

Robin of Loxley.

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