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At the invitation of no less a luminary than the President of Nigeria himself, Friar Augustus Tuck, public face of the peppery order of Nasturtium Monks, corresponds with the Rev. Rufus Adams:

Finishd. Last addition: September 24th., 2002.
  1. I am the President...
  2. Please advise me as to how we proceed from here.
  3. The most untimely death of Friar Spittle.
  4. You are obviously a man of action.
  5. The hooded council is due to meet...
  6. It is called Sherwood Green.
  7. Please advise of the next steps to take.
  8. FedEx.
  9. The annual Give to the Poor fete.
  10. We have been waiting to receive the transfer form you.
  11. Your attitude is not a good one.
  12. He is that sort of a man.
  13. Admittedly I have had a few distractions of late...
  14. Is there another option?
  15. Reread that sentence, it's important.
  16. We could realistically come up with $20.
  17. That is Australian dollars, of course.
  18. Thif if excellent newf.