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April 21st., 2003
Three weeks later, another letter. Oddly, no mention of Felicity at all:

Hi mr newbery.

How has your Easter gone? I returned from anambra today.

We just finish our masquerades festival the first segment for the year,

The second segment is coming on September before the last segment for the year.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter celebration.

Take care.

Prince kanayo.

Very sociable of him. I am social in reply.

Your Excellency,

How delightful to hear from you.

My Easter was indeed delightful; most restful. Apart from a trip to see a British comedian last night who, in all honesty, was as funny as yesterday's cat vomit. I guess on the bright side it did make the rest of the weekend so much better, comparatively.

I do quite like masquerades, they add to the enjoyment of life, don't you think? I think in a previous life I must have been a clown!

Thank you for your wishes,

Yours sincerely,

J Cosmo Newbery,
Newbery & Associates.

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