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April 1st, 2003
The reply comes:

dear mr newbery

you ask well, thank you for giving me the opportunity to show you the shape of my heart.

infact to be honest, i love felicity, i want to spend my life with her.

with the little i know her she is a virtous woman, very delectable,

inteligent,,jovial,loving ,caring, i cant name them all.

please tell her that i dont need her money or wealth.let her not send any money to me, all i want is to get married with her.

because i dont think that i will get another girl like that to marry in my life time please help me.



Yet again non-committal, but send another Felicity snap to keep him happy:

Your Excellency,

I have come across a photo of Miss Primm that you may not have seen yet.

It is attached to this email.

Yours sincerely,

J Cosmo Newbery,
Newbery & Associates.

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