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July 12th, 2003.
Is there no end to it?

mr or miss felicty,
you are playing with my intellegence,do you know how many people i attend to every? you can't intimidate me, to be honestly i crazy in love with the lady i saw in the picture you sent to me to be frank. if you are really the very lady,i saw in that picture, but not a man as i am confused now i swear to be your forever while you be my princess forever, but i am not sure if you are the woman whom i saw in the picture, GOD know that it is not my fault, because since i make that phone call i am confused, you said that it is only imaginations now how can i beleive that you are a woman when i did'nt see you face to face or you convience me through one way or the other.
i am confused can't you understand?
i am really confused please stop stressing me

prince ken

I have not answered this. The lad seems to be unravelling.

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