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July 10th, 2003.
A final word. Or two.

Mr. or Miss Felicity,

Thank you for allowing me to rest for Christ sake, it ia good as you stop disturbing my life.
Can't you see the stupid excuse you are giving for disturbing my life(YAM) . Can you compare what you foolish man eat with and what I eat.Several dishes from all part of the world are served on my table by my steward. You must be out of your mind when you refer me to a scam which I know nothing about . I should call you Felicity a fraud because you are not straight forward .
I am not discussing any business with you . I was only planning how to marry the lady I saw in the picture whom I admire not knowing that you are a man.

Stop disturbing me because I have a lot of things to accomplish in my life.

Go and exercise your stupidity with your fellows.


A farewell photo is sent....

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