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July 8th, 2003.
Rogan Josh does a guest spot.

My goodly Master Kenneth,

I am being Miss Felicity's neighbouring person and I am being requested to be telling you that you are placing your bark upon the branches of the wrong tree.

Miss Felicity is being entertained in the cold and most assuredly austere walls of the Millstone Detention Centre for Wayward Young Wantons and she is being asking me to be checking her emails in the absence of her bodily parts.

This is being what I am doing. And it is being in this manner that I am finding myself in the presence of your letter to the young lady. I am reporting to you that she is being most regretful and seriously morose. It is being some weeks now that she has been receiving the close attention of the governing bodies but there would appear to be many weeks before she is being granted a hearing.

Is there being anything else that I can be telling you? Please be telling me that.

Yours attentively,

Rogan Josh.

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