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July 7th, 2003.
Kenneth seems troubled.

It is enough of this your childās play, listen you are giving me a nagging problem whenever were are discussing for good you will bring one problem or the other, now I donāt even know if you are a woman or a man.
Look I am tired of this, you have been using tricks on me since we know each other, when I realize you donāt even apologize, but for the sake of love I forgive and forget the past with all my heart, but still you continue in your game.
You forget that as a well-known prince like me, I am educated, endowed with wisdom, knowledge, understanding, counsel mind and a physiologist.
Look I am too connected for you to be using those tricks on.
I have both black and white men that work under me, including scientists, doctors, professors, engineers, musicians, barristers and many more.
I have government police officers as a gateman with numbers of guardās British bulldogs. What kind of trick do you think you can use on a too connected man like me?
I fall in love like other men do, but mine seems to b different, coās I am no longer have a trust in you, tell me how can you give me your phone number after a very long time we know each other when I dial the number, it was a man voice I heard and he said that he is felicity whom I am in love with that he is a man, but I tried to intimidate him but he insisted that he is felicity prim. The problem know is that am confused if you are a (man or a woman)
Canāt you understand?
I asked you to do something physically and natural to convince me that you are a woman, if you are really a woman. Before we plan to meet each other.
Please and please if you are not ready to convince me that you are a woman that means you are a man please forget about me. I wonāt tell you this again.
Donāt send any stupid email to me again, I am tired of those your child play I hope you heard me clear, If you donāt do what I asked you to do in other to convince me whom you are then forget about me.

Prince ken

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