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June 16th, 2003.
Kenneth expresses a few desires and answers a few questions.

Still in the 'old email' mode. If he read about Felicity going to kill J Cosmo Newbery, he is ignoring it.

dear felicity my heart,
i also long to suck your breast finger you and have a hot sex with you always, my dick will not be to much for you my love i will twist it in slowly if it seems to be to much for you but mit won't be too much i promise.
my family? well i have told my family members,infact it is one of the reason i travelled to anambra,to tellmy uncle and some of my relatives that i will soon get married. even, they are willing to see you, it is just that i am confused if you are a (man or a woman) please help me in this matter.
prostitute? please don'tmention ofit again co's it has noting to do with my family.
or are you going to tell them that you are an ex- prostitute?
your future? your future is bright my love one day we are going to contest in the election.there you will see how famous you will be.
can you be able to run my business with me?

can i hug you?


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