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June 16th, 2003.
Kenneth addresses the pig's trotters. He seems to be answering old emails.

dear felicity my love,
i am well and fine, it just that i am not around when you sent this mail which i am replying now.
you metioned of pig's trotters,please i want you to tell me more about the pig's trotters.
i have not eaten it before.

your's prince,

Kenneth finds Felicity's email about the riots in Lagos...(actually there were no riots - made that bit up).

my dearest felicity, riot in lagos? well sometime ago there was a rumour of riot in lagos, concerning the leader's opposition they are those that failed in the last election that was held in the country.i don't know why some people don't accept defeat.i am alright and i promise to always stay out of trouble my dear.

can i hug you?


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