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June 11th, 2003.
Kenneth lets slip about Bree, the real ID of the person in the Felicity pics:

dear felicity,
yesterday i gave you a call with the phone number you gave me.
the voice i heard is a voice of a man and he said that he is felicity.
and he said that he have told me before that he is a man,that it is only imaginations that felicity is not existing he said that the picture i am in love with belong to a woman called bree.
(JCN: I said nothing about Bree in the phone call. That was in an email of some months ago...)
so i strongly beleive that something is going on.


Felicity is not happy:

I am so angry!

Not at you dear Kenneth, darling Kenneth, but at that Newbery. Apparently that flaccid wimp Bishop Pawnchek let him into my room while I was at Minnie's. John Silver, the guy in the apartment down the hall, said he saw someone in there and the description fits. He must have been in here when you rang!!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THE GALL OF THE BASTARD? PRETENDING TO BE ME, ON MY PHONE! Ooooh, I am so angry.

I am going to move today. This is all too much.

I am so sorry for the anguish that this must have caused you dear Kenneth. One day, when we are curled up in bed, all hot and sweaty from wild glorious love making, we will look back on this and laugh. But not today.

OK. I'm off to find a new home.

Hugs and kisses,


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