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June 11th, 2003.
He obviously has a few doubts...

dear felicity,
what happened when i gave you a phone call yesterday? so you have been using tricks on me for all this year, why? do you know the hope you gave me concerning been married with you. now tell me,are you really a (MAN or WOMAN)tell me everything if you are the very felicity i have been discussing with since october last year.


I see no good reason not to fuel those doubts...

Dear Kenneth,

What phone call yesterday? What are you talking about? And what tricks? What is going on? Who did you speak to? What was her name?

You talk in riddles. I am so confused.

I was out all day yesterday. After you didn't return any of my emails I felt really depressed went and stayed overnight with my friend Minnie. She always cheers me up. We went to the zoo today.

I want to hold you so badly.

Much love my darling Kenneth,


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