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June 9th, 2003.
Felicity, madly in love with her charming Prince, starts sending frequent emails. In the past she just replied to his:

Good Morning Kenneth,

How are you today?? I guess you are asleep, I imagine it would be very early in Lagos now. Wish I was snuggled up there with you. Mind you, you wouldn't be asleep if I was.

Today is a public holiday here - the Queen's Birthday holiday - quite odd really, as I think the Queen's birthday is in April but, heh, a holiday is a holiday! But being as it is a holiday I don't have a lot to do and I am going for a walk in the park. It is cool but sunny here today.

I hope you wake up aroused and thinking of me.

Much love,


And a few hours later:

Dear Kenneth,

I am back from my walk. It was lovely out there. The jonquils are in flower and the park was full of people walking their dogs. Actually there was one little girl who was being dragged along by a large red setter so it was not clear who was walking who!

It was fine and sunny, even if a bit chilly. But I came home early because I was feeling a bit low seeing so many happy couples out for a walk and I was all alone. I bought an ice-cream called 'Lust' and ate it slowly as I was walking home, thinking about you. And us.

Have you told your family about me? What will they think about you having a blonde former prostitute as your wife? It is not something that worries me but I thought I should ask it. You don't have to answer if you don't want to.

I have had a lot of doubts today. Perhaps it is the cold weather. Will you like me when you see me? Will I be able to make you happy? What if we are not compatible in real life? What if you don't like the way I do blow jobs? What will your friends think of me? What if your dick is too big for me? So many questions, so many doubts. When will we see each other? When will we ever get a chance to put all this doubt to rest?

Oh Kenneth! How I ache to hold you. How I ache to be held by you. I am so desperate to make you happy. I long to make long, slow, passionate love to you. To hold your magnificent dick in my hands, in my body. To give you an oily massage and feed you the food you love. And yet, it seems just a dream. Something that is only in my mind. Do you really think it will happen? Really?

Tell me what you think, my darling. Be honest with me.

Do we really have a future? It seems so unreal.

Your loving princess,


And a few more hours later:

Hi! It's me again!

How are you? I wonder what you are doing. Please tell me.

Just a food question: do you like pig's trotters?

Love and hugs!!


And later that night:

Kenneth, my darling,

Are you alright?

The news said that there had been riots in Lagos. Something about the supporters of the opposition leader.

Are you safe? Promise me that you will stay away from any troubles, ok?

Thinking of you,

xxx ooo !!!

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