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June 7th, 2003.
The prince gets raunchier but has yet to ring:

felicity my loved one,
i am sorry for the misfourtune no matter what ever you lost,i thank GOD that they did not kill, co's life is more important than material thaings, is'nt?
thinking of holding me,kissing,rubing me and many more thanks for that i do think of holding you too,having hot sex with you with my long and huge dick.
darling the first day i will have sex with you will never will you forget that day co's i have strenght for sex,i will not stop unless you ask me to.

your love is my love
my love is your love kenneth.

Felicity seems willing enough:

Dear Kenneth, my prince,

Thank you for your loving words. You have always been so kind and generous. At times I wonder what I have done to be so lucky to find someone like you.

Yes, you are very right, physical objects are not things to cry over. But the memories that they bring back can be very special. Sometimes the value is not in the object but in the associations you have with it. Don't you agree?

Now, physical encounters, that is something else again! I am looking forward to the challenge presented by you and your magnificent dick. It will be a contest to see who says 'stop' first, my love! And I promise that it will be no one-sided battle. I will put up a good fight!

And thank you so much for the lovely card. It was very sweet of you.

Your princess,

Felicity xxxooo!!!

The most important things to do in the world are to get something to eat, something to drink and somebody to love you.

- Brendan Behan

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