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June 5th, 2003.
Felicity keeps looking for a job:

Good evening Kenneth, my prince!

You are about to start your day as I finish mine. I am making burritos for my dinner. One day I will make them for you too. They are delicious. Have you ever had them?

I had another most frustrating day trying to find a job. I must find something soon. The guy at the employment place was quite sweet. He asked me out for a drink. Naturally I said 'no' but he insisted and we had coffees at the Hard Grind Cafˇ on High Street. He seems quite taken by me but he knows I must be faithful to you. But on the bright side, he may try harder to find me a job. I find it so depressing to get rejected all the time. People do not respond well to being told that I used to be a prostitute. The women reject me outright. The men dribble a lot but are more keen on me giving them a job than the other way round.

I spent a lot of the afternoon walking in the park. The autumn leaves are nearly finished. Technically it is winter but it was blue, sunny day. Lovely to be out and about in.

Love and hugs and kisses and ???!!!

Your Felicity.

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