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June 4th, 2003.
The prince gets a bit tongue tangled praising Felicity for giving up prostitution:

Dear felicity my princess,
I am very happy infact, I thank GOD for your life when I heard you said I donāt think I have the keen of going back to my former prostitution job.
My soul rejoices for the hearing of that.
I said that I will tell you to stop that business of your being a harlot, coās there is a way I learn GOD use to do his thing, as you are a prostitute but he forgive you and by his special grace bring us together to get married that is a divine favors for you and me, so if you continue on the prostitution job god will definitely disorganize this blessing he has blessed us by bringing us together.
Donāt you know that if people who know you as a prostitute hear that you have married they will shivered and give GOD glory for his love, kindness and grace on you
i will call for another party it will be a cocktail party.

i will forever love you

Felicity fails to find a job:

Kenneth, love of my life, throb of my loins,

How are you today? What have you done?

You are right. I do not want to continue as a prostitute. It is a thankless task; it is much more enjoyable to use my talents on someone I care about and who cares about me.

Being a harlot was dangerous and, just between you and me, really quite boring. But I did learn some really interesting tricks that I am looking forward to showing you.

I think a cocktail party would be most fitting.

I went out today to try and find a job but they said I couldn't have a job because I didn't have experience. I replied "but I can only get experience if I have a job!". It was to no avail. It is most depressing.

But then I get home to an email from you and I am happy.

Much love and a special hug,


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