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June 3rd, 2003.
The prince returns to his old scheme of reselling second hand cars:

my darling felicty,
thank you for your comments on the cooking.
please sweethearts i will never encourage you to make case with anybody. as i have said earlier-on let GOD fight for you. bet me he will fight for you, while you have your peace.
i know how you feel concerning your being without enough money but that will not make you to create enemity by making trouble, co's your enemies will start hurnting for your life.
please darling i don't want to lose you anybody hurt you for me, ok.
please don't make trouble with any body if you really love me as much as i love you, please for the sake of our future. please don't make case with anybody, rather i will advice you to send some fairly used cars and other valuable fairly used items. so that i will tell my boys to sell them off, then send back the money to you.
at laest you will have enough money with you for sustaining yourself until i get prepared as i have said.
i guess it is better than to start making case, co's of your lost money and putting your life in danger.
i am worried co's i don't wanna lose you honey.

much love

Felicity begs poor.

Dear Kenneth, my prince,

I wish I had your ability to forgive. I am afraid it will take me a while to be a sanguine about Mr Newbery as you seem to be.

You are so very calm, Kenneth. You are a rock in the troubled sea of my life.

I must look for a job, I think. I really am not too keen on returning to my former trade but it was an income. Perhaps I will be able to get a desk job somewhere. We will see. This is why I want to sue Newbery for my lost money.

How can I buy cars for you without money? Everything needs money. It is so depressing.

I am tired. I am off to bed to dream of being held in your strong arms.

Good night my prince,


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