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June 2nd, 2003.
The prince feels 'TrollopsRUS' is not dignified enough for Felicity:

my dearest in mind
how has your weekend gone darling?
i went to the beach with my younger ones on sunday,
how did u spend your weekend?
sweethearts do you know how to bake cake, snacks,hot dogs, burgers, pie,and other cookies?i hope you will have a little idea co's i do eat them sometimes.
one thing u will do for me now darling, i want you to change your email address(trollopsrus)remember you are my fiancee.and you have a bright future with me.

i love you honey!!!!!!

A new email address? No problem!

Dear Kenneth, my prince,

Thank you so much for your lovely letter. It has been a quite social weekend, catching up with some friends and far flung relatives. Most enjoyable. They were as surprise as you when I escaped from Mr Newbery's clutches.

How was your party? Were there many people there? Do you have lots of friends? What did you drink? I am really looking forward to meeting them.

I understand your feelings about my email address. I have a new one now. I hope you approve of it. Of course, it is difficult to change who I am and who I was. But the future is a clean slate, isn't it?

I heard what you were saying about forgiving Mr Newbery but it will take some time. He was terribly cruel to me Kenneth, terribly cruel. And while he had me locked away he had power of attorney over my affairs. I am still trying to sort it out but I think he has spent all my money. I've heard it said that he has a gamble problem.

I was speaking to folk on the weekend and they think I should sue him to get my money back. I'm not so sure. What do you think? They say I could get legal aid to cover the costs. But it may be that there is nothing to get back.

Cooking? I can cook anything! How's that for confidence! You will be so proud of me. But you will have to watch your weight or my cakes will fatten you up!! I prefer to cook meals rather than cakes and biscuits but I am really confident cook of anything. (Though I do find it difficult to judge fish just right.) I grew up in my Granny's kitchen and she was always cooking. You will be one fat-tummied and happy little puppy when I get my hands on you!

But then we may come up with a few exercises to work it off you too!!!

Thinking of you often, my dear Kenneth.

Much love,


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