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June 2nd, 2003.
Ooops! How are we going to meet each other???

my dearest felicity,
thank you love for the cooking offer,i caneat whatever you cook for me my sweethearts. your food wil be the best food i will ever cherish.
co's you are my second mother and that is how it suposed to be with every man that love her wife, i guess am right. i will advice you to forgive whoever offended you co's GOD do forgive you i never bear grugies on my mind that why i am a simple and humble guy please i want you to be the same do'nt always revenge let GOD revenge for you while you have your peace.
i will start thinking of how we are going to meet each other.
i disorganise the arangement when i heard that you are dead.
where i am living now. compacted, co's my junior ones stays there with me, i want a place where both of us will stay alone then leave here am living now for my junior ones to stay. i have to start making efforts for that as from now.i am not bordering you my sweethearts. immediately i am through i will let you know honey.

much love.

And then:

my dear felicity,
how has your weekend gone darling?
i went to the beach with my younger ones on sunday,
how did u spend your weekend?
sweethearts do you know how to bake cake, snacks,hot dogs, burgers, pie,and other cookies?i hope you will have a little idea co's i do eat them sometimes.

i love u honey!!!!!

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