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May 31st, 2003.
The party proceeds. I still believe Kenneth to be smart enough to realize what is going on. Am I wrong? If not, why is he continuing with this charade? It is all most puzzling. Surely one of his friends will point out that this Felicity tart seems a little suspect?

Dear felicity,
How I wish you are there with me how lovely it will be at least I will introduce you to my guests. I am holding the party in a hotel called (EKO MERIDIAN HOTEL LAGOS).

And sweethearts I guess we have to start thinking of seeing each other face to face and feel each other I guess Iām right honey.

I could hug you.

Oh, what the heck! Let's crank Felicity up a bit.

Dear Kenneth, my prince,

I hope it is a fabulous night. It is good that you can be with your friends. I will think of you - although I think it will be breakfast time for me! I will toast you, at a distance, with some orange juice!

Meridian Hotels are very posh. It should be very nice.

Yes, we must get together soon! It has been the dream that guided me through the pain and solitude of the last few months. I do look forward to feeling you, warm and strong beside me. And inside me. Am I being too bold? Maybe. It is funny, don't you think; we have not met and yet it seems I have known you forever. I look forward to cooking for you. Will you like what I cook? Will I be able to cook what you like? They say wives can never cook as well as their husband's mothers. I hope to prove that wrong.

On Monday I am going to speak to some people about pressing charges against Mr Newbery. He shouldn't get away with what he did to me.

Have a lovely night, my love!

I too wish you could hug me. And I could hug you.

Much love, Felicity.

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