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May 30th, 2003.
Mmm. Is he genuine? Is he taking the Mickey? Is it a counter-counter-scam? Beats me.

My dearest felicity,
Well I donāt know where to start sweethearts it has been a miserable months for me since I miss you.
Darling, you make me cry and now you make me smile, I love.
Iāve been living like a widow. Iāve not been myself.
I canāt be able to explain the pains Iāve been passing through since I miss you honey;
I try to love other girls, but I canāt concentrate. It always fails, coās you are always in my heart, sweethearts. You gave me a lot of sleepless night honey
I canāt be able to explain all the pains I pass through honey.

Love is back and better.

I continue to paint a picture. Where is it going to end? How is it going to end?

Dear Kenneth, my prince,

It has been so long. I am so glad that I am free and can talk to you again.

I don't think I will ever forgive that brute Newbery for locking me up like that and concocting all sorts of stories about me and my supposed death. My family were distraught. I wish there was some way that I could bring him to justice. Poor Isabella did not survive the ordeal and is no more. I tried to help her but she was not strong enough.

And you, dear Kenneth, I wish I could ease your pains; you must have suffered terribly. I am so sorry. It must have been awful for you.

I must go now, I am running a bath. It is so long since I have had a hot bath. I will think of you as I soak away some of my aches.

Warmest thoughts and a big hug,


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