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May 29th, 2003
But wait, there's more!

He's close to the truth but not quite there.
Again, I have through a handful of carriage returns into what was an almost unreadable solid block.

dear mr newbery,
even if i called you mr newbery, issabella or maria.

you are felicity.there is no doubt about it now listen baby.

you have closed your trollopsrus account so that any mail send to it will bounce fine. i like that because iv'e wanted to ask you to change that address trollopsrus co's the meaning is a street prostitute. even if you are a prostitute that doesnot mean you should use such email address.

now let us settle this matter by telling each other the truth and open up our heartto each other.

why don't you tell me that your real name is not felicity primm and that you are not a prostitute i will listen to you, no matter what happen co's i love you. may be you just tell me that you are a prostitute only to get favour from me.

or tell me, is it because of age matter? even though if you are older than me that does not mean we can't get married if we love each other. you should be grateful that a guy of my type is planning to get married with you, because of love.

what makes a man is that which is inside him not age or stature makes a man. sweethearts, stop hidden.

i later think back how we lose our ways, i find no fault in me and i explain everything to my personal adviser, he told me that you hide yourself to test my loyalty he goes on and said that even though there is any body called(mr j cosmos newbery)how could he know your personal password to your trollopsrus account, when i forwarded the mail that was sent to me which said that you are dead how can anybody know your personal password, felicity?

my personal adviser finish everything for me. so honey i strongly believe that both (issabella, j.cosmos newbery and maria) are all you.

now what are you still waiting for. stop stop stop sweethearts. tell me your real name and occupation i have a listening ear.

let us talk about our better tomorrow.
still in love.

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