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May 28th, 2003
The guy is unstoppable.

For clarity, I have included a few carriage returns in his message.

dear cosmos

i dont really understand what u mean that felicity is not existing, but in the last mail she sent to me subject (AND INCONCLUSION)show that she is existing the mail which include (j.cosmos,issabelle,felicity and the other man) or have you forgotten.

please stop this joke. how can you tell me that it is not felicity that i have been replying her love letters since october last year.

who can you tell me that it is not felicity that told me about her father, mother and bruno her brother whom she said he is spending his time saving money to buy life jacket.

or are you trying to tell me that it is not felicity who tell me about fred sickness and death.

or do you think i lost my senses. tell me. can you tell me actually what is going on there now i know that you are (FELICITY)i am more inteligent than you

i really love you nothing eles i need from you

if i am what you thought i am i will not send my pic to you or even give you my resident address if you personally want me to visit you personally give me an invitation you will see me with your eyes or are you a fraud


Maybe a request for money will wake him up? Nothing outrageous, just $20.

If you really think that I am Felicity, and you really love that felicity, prove your love by sending me US$20.00.

I bet you don't.


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