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May 27th, 2003
Five weeks later, this letter is sent to J Cosmo's email, isabella's email and probably, if it were active, Felicity's email:

dear felicty
long time baby, how are you i saw you in my dream yesterday and i decided to write to you and also use the opportunity to invite you in a feast i will personally hold by 15th of next month june the name of the feast is called (OFALLA)please promise me that you will come we have to get over all this thing remember how we started so much in love with each other sendind mail to each other everyday do you remember so
so i dont actually know how we lose our way felicity and please i want you to send to me your picture a decent one which i will enlarge and get it framed.
it will be in my living room.

i could hug u

Time to be blunt again.

My Dearest Kenneth,

The following is true. I know I have told you before but there is no harm in repetition:

Felicity Primm does not exist. Never did.

(By the way, I have let her email account lapse so if you sent a copy of your letter to Felicity, like you did to Isabella, it will probably bounce.)

The pictures that you are in love with belong to a woman on the internet called Bree. I do have some more if you would like them.

The 'person' you are in love with is an imagined person in my mind. Admittedly I do have a strange mind.

No, I will not be coming to your feast, although thank you for the invitation.

You already have one picture of me, that is enough for anybody.

No, I will not hug you. But thanks for the offer.

Good luck my ebony prince,

Yours sincerely,

J Cosmo Newbery, scribe.


PS. Thank you once again for the Nigerian Bank notes.

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