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Young Kenneth strings a few more paragraphs together...

My dearest Felicity,

How are you my love? i hope fine. I will tell you little about the masquerade ceremony i mentioned earlier. The masquerade ceremony do take place in every Xmas from 20th of December to January 5th also during the Easter celebration. It last for 4days, again in September during the new yam festival it last for 4days.

Masquerade is not harmful, rather it's for excitement and it will make you to feel happy when you are watching the masquerade dancing, most in Acrobatic way. There is a female masquerade, i hope you have seen masquerade before. Our masquerade is very fantastic. (I have my own type of masquerade, Kenneth.)

Concerning the food i like, i like many types of food. I like English foods which you always prepare in your country, also i like our dishes, when my mum is alive, she do cook okra soup, beater leaf soup with dried fish, Melon soup with cord fish, Oha leaf soup, banga soup, Nsalla soup, Uziza soup, Okazi soup and vegetable soup. They are all delicious soups with sweet tastes and aroma. those soup may be eating with pounded yam, Semovita, prepared grained cassava and prepared grained corn. By the time you become mine, my Aunty will teach you how to prepare does dishes. ( The new yum festival.)

Concerning the new yam festival, the new yam festival always take place in September. Why we celebrate the yam festival is because in Olding days (18 centuries ago), people in those days regard yam so special. I don't know why! I suggest maybe because they planted the yam that year and harvested it same year, so they created a festival to celebrate it. On the new yam celebration day, every body like to eat yam in different ways some boiled it, some fried it with egg, some pound it and eat it with their favourite soups, some roast it in the fire then eat it with palm oil. (!)

There way a restaurant in Los Angeles where you can find all this dishes i am telling you about. even white men do eat it and confirm that it's a delicious food. (Oooo...Kenneth must think I am in America!)

Even many people do travel from USA, England etc to witness the new yam festival and other ceremonies.

Ok, concerning the lawn tennis game, i won't say anything now not until you become mine, then i will teach you how to play it even how to play golf. Darling can you tell me about your parents, brothers, sisters and more about yourself. I will attach my picture in this mail.


Yours faithfully, ("Thanks. Yours faithfully"??? How romantic.)

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