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For the last few days I have had a gentle sort of a correspondence between Felicity's niece, Isabella, and Kenneth. If he had of come on heavy I would have fallen back on Isabella's two photos but he revealed a bit and left me a little curious. I assume it is finished now. He is either acting or is really a little sad. I will never know.

Postscript: All things come to those who sit and wonder. A few weeks later a correspondence develops between Issie & Kenneth. View

Dear Mr Prince Nwaeze, I am not sure what I am supposed to say to you. Mr Newbery kind of asked me to write to you to tell you about Aunt Felicity but I think you already know that she has died so what do you want me to tell you? I know she thought you were a good sort. She told me a bit about you at the BBQ the weekend before she died. I reckon she had the hots for you. We'll all miss her lots. Are you really a Prince? That's cool. Ciao. Issie.

Dear Issie,

Iāve not heard of you before, even late Princess before, me about you well I have no reason to doubt you.

What I have to tell you is that I love your auntie Felicity so much, can you imagine, because my love for her I swallowed my pride and have time fore her I scared away all my friends for her, I have told some noble men about her. I fail to attend my friends wedding in Paris, France because of her and I am making arrangement of leaving my sweet domain to her country where I never been before, or known how secure the country is I did all this in the name of love. All you can do for me is to be celebrating her memorial ceremony every year.


Prince KvK

Dear Prince, is that the right thing to call you? I don't know. Do you live in a castle? You must have really loved Aunty Felicity. I will put a rose on her grave for you. Later gator. Issie.

dear issie thank you for the promise you make concerning my late ( mayoress, chief princess felicity. )

well i lived in a comfortable duplex, driving exotic cars, doing my business and a christian.

prince kvk

Dear Prince, No castle? I thought all princes had one. Or is that just in fairy stories? And what business does a prince do? Don't you have servants? It must be so cool. Ciao. Issie.

issie, my duplex is more beutiful than whatever castle you think of, my home was constructed by german civil engerniers decorated with marbles, tiles,ceramics, cedar woods, polished woods,tarazones,tileed roof,tinted glasses big compound decorated with all sort of flowres.

i have body guards about five of them. i do export electronics of all sorts from japan.


Dear Prince, Wow, I'm impressed! Why do you need the body guards? Aunt Felicity said you looked real strong. Is it dangerous in Nigeria? Issie.

dear issie is because i dont want any disturbance from people that come around me, and why all this questions? what do you want me to do for you,i dont really know you,well am out to my warehouse,until then.

Dear Prince, Sorry. I didn't mean to be a pain in the arse. Just you're the first prince I've met. And most likely the last. They are pretty thin on the ground around here. And I always ask lots of questions. Sorry I didn't mean to upset you. I don't want anything from you. Mr Newbery asked me to write to you about Aunt Felicity, that's all. She was only my aunt by marriage. I'm not even too sure she was really an aunt. My brother married her sister. Does that make her an aunt? Anyway we called her aunt. She didn't mind. Ciao. Issie.

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