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Will he never give up?

dear mr newbery

i must also apologise for my delay in response, i travelled to japan for my business, i received a call for an emergency meeting i from my disributing companies ihave to travel without hesitate but am back now. (I hope this wasn't some poor Japanese getting fleeced.) you said that princess felicity has been laid to her rest but did not let me know before she was buried, that is too nbad. and am not happy for that you dont know how much i love that lady felicity.

you keep on telling me about her will, properties,account and whatever. listen am not iterseted in her wealth all i need was her although she was a prostitute but i love her to be frankly speaking, and ready to have her forever with me because i know that she will change her way of living if we get married, but our dream of getting married is chartered.

you can hand over her belonging to her immediate family members because am not itersed in her wealth.

the money i paid to the undertakers is as good as gone, because they told me that there is no refund of money after payment is make.although they said that i gave them wrong information, but i persisted that she is dead. the money is as good as gone. let that be my contribution for her passing away.

prince kvk

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