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Full marks for being persistent:

Dear Mr. Newbery,

Please I want you to do me a favour, I have discussed with the Senate president of Australia, concerning the death of Princess Felicity Primm.

He has investigated and found nothing, aren't you aware of the investigation? I showed him the paper you attached on the first mail you sent to me, but I did not let him know that she is a harlot so that he will grant my request.

I have paid in about $100,000 to the undertakers that will be in charge of the burial ceremony, every thing is ready, the Casket and every thing that is required for a royal burial ceremony.

Please send an Australia visa and other documents required for my coming, so that myself, the senate and the undertakers will come and see the corpse and make arrangements for the burial ceremony.

Thank you once more.
Prince Victor Nwaeze

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